ZRT Motorsport: Team History

ZRT Motorsport: Team History

The team thought it would be interesting to chart the history of how the Honda DC5 has evolved over the last 4 years. The evolution has not only bee external aesthetics but rather more emphasis has been placed on the mechanical & electrical components in terms of Enduro race specifications. 

Pre ZRT Motorsport:

  • The car was 1st registered in 2002 as a RHD Integra Type R.
  • It previously raced in the Asian Touring Care Series in Malaysia.
  • Car was imported in 2009 as race car and was raced by Aslam Moola as a privateer and finally under the ERT (Emirates Racing Team) in 2011-12.
  • 2012-13 Honda DC5 UAE Touring Car Championship

Honda DC5-1

  • Wide body kit
  • Mugen N1 racing dampers
  • Tarox 6 pot calipers
  • Kaaz LSD

2013-14 Honda DC5 UAE Touring Car Championship

DC5 1

During the off season the following work was carried out:

  • Full strip down to bare metal
  • Additional seem welding
  • Front splitter fitted
  • Independent Throttle Bodies (ITB’s) fitted
  • AST 3-way suspension

2014-15 Dubai 24hr & NGK 300 Km


Prior to 24hr race the following was work was carried out:

  • Fit 120L fuel cell
  • Fit air jacks
  • New seat and harness
  • Special Projects aero kit fitted
  • Gear X endurance gearbox fitted
  • In house custom head lights fabricated and installed
  • Conventional intake manifold

2015-16 Dubai 24hr, 3hr & 2hr Enduro’s


  • Gear X endurance gearbox
  • Pedal box fitted
  • Stiffened suspension turrets
  • Complete suspension overhaul
  • AIM engine management sensors for data logging
  • Modified front suspension brace
  • Race radios
  • ITB’s re-fitted

2016-17 Dubai 24 hr

Picture 2016-17.png

It is likely the following work will be completed before the next and possibly final attempt at the Dubai 24Hrs with this car:

  • Gear X endurance gearbox longer 5th & 6th gears
  • New Engine
  • Some weight saving plans
  • Plastic windscreen
  • New dashboard (As the modifications over the years have left it looking a bit tatty)
  • New Seat (As the Corbeau will expire this year)
  • A minor revamp in terms of colours and sponsor logos
  • Front suspension strut top mount overhaul
  • Rear suspension camber adjusters will be replaced
  • New exhaust (Since we noted the problems some teams were having in the Silverstone 24Hrs)