The Science Behind the Gearbox

James Ornelas is the GEAR-X assembly wizard. Because of the tightness of the new style Carbon synchros, each synchro was painstakingly hand lapped onto the gear synchro hubs to ensure complete and smooth engagement. In order to help with the longevity of the gears they were subjected to a unique sub zero cryogenic hardening process. All of this is to combat the horrendous shock loads that the gears go through with every up or downshift and every time the driver lifts a drive wheel over a rumble strip looking to knock off that fraction of a second from his lap time. James assembles the complete gear stack in a cut away casing first to double check every selected movement and gear clearances and tolerances before final assembly. 

Gearbox 2 Gearbox 1

All this being said, we also have to think of the tremendous heat build-up in the transmission. In our race testing particularly with touring cars using splitters and under trays which are essential to the much needed down force and general aerodynamics of the car., These aero parts often hamper the air circulation around the Gear Box, and transmission oil temperatures exceeding 300 Degrees F. have often been recorded.

At these temps regular gear oil would turn to treacle and the gears would burn up in no time. We use the specially formulated 100% Synthetic GEAR-X 75w/90 Gear oil to combat this and as an extra precaution we use the GEAR-X Designed Transmission Oil Cooler Kit to keep everything functioning efficiently at the right temperature.