The Captains Log

As part of the ongoing development of the car and the team, the team have invested in a full blown digital dash & data logger. After much research a AIM MXL Pista unit along with a long list of sensors were purchased.


The unit has been configured to show key parameters such as engine rpm, various fluid temperatures and pressures with warning alarms set. In addition data keys can be attached that store all of the parameters that are being monitored. This data can then be reviewed through AIM propriety software which enables the various parameters to be reviewed and problems to be identified.


It is also possible to overlay the parameters recorded by different drivers. This is key feature as it enables the team to understand the effects on the car each driver has even when the laps times are the same and where drivers are quicker or slower than each other on each section of the track. The overall result being that the drivers can modify their driving styles to place less stress on the car but still lap at the required pace.

Sander is the teams data logging expert and thus he will be seen staring intently at his laptop throughout the event.