Testing Testing

Friday November 20th was a momentous day for the team as it was the 1st time the car ran track after off season modifications and new KMOD performance engine. Special Projects and DAS pulled out all the stops sourcing last minute fuel injector connectors and Bosch motorsport fuel pumps.


Umair was tasked with the driving and under the threat of an horrific penalty if he damaged anything (washing the teams clothing or cooking for the team being 2 options threatened) he pushed the car to 90% of its potential in order evaluate the new engine, gear ratios and set-up. Despite a bit of stop-starting due other less careful trackday drivers, Umair reported that the car was well sorted and a pleasure to drive.


Of course there are few small things to sort out (the team tried a rear view camera in-place of a mirror but Umair wants the mirror back…..), but overall things went as planned.


The team also thanks Richard for providing the hot croissants and cinnamon buns.