Spotlight: Rohan Ganapathy 

Every year at ZRT we meet new people and in particular motorsport enthusiasts. Within that batch of people who tend to come from all walks of life there is notably a select group of very talented photographers.
One person who really stood out and supported us throughout 2017-18 was Rohan Ganapathy who goes by the alias #qwikdraw_mcgraw on instagram and is a contributor to the ever evolving and innovative automotive platform
Rohan is a product Engineer by profession and by day works for a US based mapping company. He works with a lot of aerial and satellite imagery.
We are continually impressed by Rohan’s eye for detail and passion for both motorsport and his ability to capture the story and characters behind the racing so, we took the time to understand what makes someone want to get involved in the local grass roots scene as opposed to the glamour of the high profile racing.
In Rohans own words: My work ignited my passion for photography and that is what I do in my spare time. Fast moving cars thrill me, not on the highway of course, but on a racetrack! This led me into Marshaling Formula 1 races, where every bit of it is thrilling. Coming to UAE I have discovered there is a lot more to motor-sport than just Formula 1. We have custom cars, auto-X, time-attack, desert challenge, drift events and the UAETCC national racing. I wanted to be a part of it and get more involved and photography lets me do that. The combination of motor-sport and photography is an addictive passion and I love it.
Take a look at the below samples of Rohan’s work and keep a look out for his new work during 2018-19 season as we are sure it will be exceptional. Keep up the great work mate from all at ZRT.