Safety & Corporate branding: Drivers Helmet


During discussions with BAM International in 2014, they not only offered to become a team sponsor, they also requested Jonathan to race in the Dubai 24hr event in a helmet painted in their corporate colours. After the event, Jonathan would hand the helmet over to BAM International who would display the helmet in their regional head office in Dubai.

The first stage was for Jonathan to buy a plain white helmet Aria helmet (just like the one below):

Helmet White

Andy Blackmore (the same person who designed the livery of the car) was tasked with designing the helmet. Andy tabled a few options but in the end his proposed design looked like this:


And after painting looked like this:


The team have received many comments on how clean and instantly recognisable design is.

BAM International were so happy with the design and the coverage the helmet received not only locally but also in Barcelona (Photographed on the official 24Hrs series website, picture below) that they requested Jonathan to keep racing with the helmet for the balance of the 2015 season and the 2016 Dubai 24hr race.

Barcelona Helmet

It has been agreed that at the completion of the 2015-16 season, the helmet will be handed over to BAM International who will put it on display in the head office reception.



The team thanks BAM International for their support and hope the helmet continues to receive positive comments when on display.

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