Off Season Testing

With the teams Honda DC5 car undergoing its Dubai 24hr preparation, Jonathan took the oportuinity to test a FG1000 which is the local single seater championship. The two cars (Honda DC5 and FG1000) could not be more different as one is a converted road car:

JM FG1000 2

with the FG1000 is a custom design and built race car:

JM FG1000 3

The FG1000 may “only” be powered by a 1,000cc engine with 160bhp (as compared to the DC5 with a 2,000cc and 200bhp), it only weighs 400kg as compared to the DC5 which weighs ~1,200kg. The net result is a car that has 2.5kg/bhp as compared to the DC5 with 6kg/bhp. Add in downforce through front and rear wings and the FG1000 is a seriously quick bit of kit.

Although there appears to be little similarity between the 2 cars, seat time is seat time. The test also made Jonathan think about braking points, tyre management, all points of which he (and the other drivers) will be able to implement at the Dubai 24hr race which will lead to both quicker and more consistent lap times with less stress placed on the car.

Jonathan really enjoyed his time in the FG1000 (thanks to Gulf Sport) car and it has made him even more keen to get back the DC5.