Engine Upgrade

Following on from the engine issues faced at the Dubai 24hr and the off season testing, it was decided that a custom built engine from a reliable Honda K20A engine builder was the way to go. After many a long discussion with the teams technical consultant (Kiwi) it was agreed to contact KMOD Performance in the USA.

KMOD Performance have a good reputation for building fast and reliable Honda K20 and K24 engines. A few e-mails and phone calls were made which resulted in power / torque / rev range requirements being agreed which led to the build specification / components and the cost / delivery time.

Engine Head IMG-20150710-WA0000

Moving forward, the engine was fitted to KMODS dyno test hack for running in and mapping. With that done all that was left was for the engine to be crated up and dispatched to DAS.

IMG-20150721-WA0007 Fed-Ex

Like a bunch of excited children on Christmas eve, you could feel the excitement when the engine arrived at DAS.

The next stage was to fit the engine, gearbox and differential to the car and to check the AIM dash is reading all the engine sensors and that all of the parameters are within the expected ranges, and there she is installed in the car.