Dubai Kartdrome 700km

Never ones to miss out on a spot of racing, Jonathan and Heiki teamed up with Sam Taheri  in his team Vector Engineering (entered in the Pro category) to compete in the Dubai Kartdrome 700km event held on 23rd/24th October.

The idea started out as a “bit of fun” but as soon as the kart suits and helmets will be put on all that changed and was taken seriously (in Heiki’s case that will be after he puts his helmet on)…..


Now as everybody knows a good start is essential, so the team does a spot practice (that is Heiki doing the shouting, so nothing new there then…).

The 700km would take give or take 12 hours to complete and with the race starting at 9pm, the drivers would need somewhere to grab a nap. OK it isn’t the Burj Al Arab, but the back of a Volvo XC90 would have to do:


With the minimum ballast weight only 80kgs and Jonathan and Heiki both tipping the scales at 97kgs including race gear it was always going to be a hard call to keep up with the smaller faster guy. Nevertheless racing is racing and they just got on with it.

Karting 4

At the completion of the event, the team finished 25th overall (567 laps completed to the 583 of the winner) and 13th in class. You can be sure that they will be aiming to better that next time……

More pictures to follow assuming that Darren took any……


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