Custom Race Suit

Race Suit Design

There are various reason in opting for a custom suit over and off the peg suit but most competitors usually want to create something that fits in with the teams/sponsors image as well as having a made to measure suit rather than a ‘best fitting’ suit off the shelf. There is a lot to be said about feeling comfortable in the race car and having a correctly fitted suit is a fundamental part of this. After all, if you are comfortable you will drive faster!

For the 2017 season, the team decided it was time raise the professionalism of the team one more notch by going for a common team driver race suit which would be custom designed.

Chris knew of a local to him race suit design and manufacturing company called “Torq Racewear”. Torq have 10 templates from which a customer come up with design options, for example:

So after a few discussions between the team and Torq Racewear, it was agreed that they would produce 4 Torq 1 race suits for the drivers. This being the final agreed design:

Such is the importance of the stitching only allows any embroidery to only go through the outer layer. This is why you hear stories from time to time of suits been thrown out of scrutineering due to embroidery going through all layer of the suit. This is a safety point and normally occurs when the embroidery has been carried out by a third party who has embroidered the suit once it has been made.

During production of the suit, first the material is cut are the arms, torso and legs. Before the any stitching is done the outer layer is embroidered. This happens in most cases as even on standard suits there is normally a brand logo embroidered on the suits. Embroidery happens at this stage for 2 reason. The material is perfectly flat and of course the material can go through the embroidery machine as one (outer) layer.

After this, the second and third layers can be stitched to the embroidered outer layer before the suit is assembled as you see it on the driver.

The suits successfully arrived in Dubai in time for the race and very dapper the drivers looked in their new matching suits..