Contingency Planning: Part 2

Following on from Richards plastic windscreen mounting bracket contingency fabrication, Richard has also prepared a global event contingency plan which is based upon the “prevention is better than a cure” mantra.

So to help motivate all of the team members to do any task correctly, not to take short cuts and to follow the does & don’ts, Richard has made the “Shirt of Shame”.

The rule being that is ANY team member breaks any of the rules detailed on the shirt or added on the official notice board, then they will have to:

  •  Wear the shirt;
  • Have a picture taken wearing the shirt;
  • Picture uploaded to Facebook / team website


No team member is exempt from wearing the shirt.

Joking aside, the team does take its racing seriously anyway, but a bit of humour does help.

So the question is will the shirt be worn? and if so by who? Stay tunes to the teams Facebook page to see if the Shirt of Shame makes and official appearance…..