It is a well proven fact that clear communication is vital at home and at work. The same holds true for motorsport. When the team were competing in the UAE Touring Car Championship, the team used the tried and trusted “pit board” form of communication.


This allowed Ian to “inform” Jonathan key information such as:

Practice & Qualifying:

  • Timer left in the session
  • Position and gap the car infront


  • Laps / time left in the race
  • Position
  • Gap to the car infront and / or behind

When it comes to endurance racing (particularly in 12hr / 24hr races), more information needs to be relied between the pit wall and the driver, and vice-versa. This additional information includes:

Driver to pit wall:

  • Reporting problems with the car
  • Reporting the cause of the yellow flag / code 60
  • Likely duration of the yellow flags / code 60

Pit wall to driver:

  • Debris / oil on track at certain corners
  • Lap time consistency
  • Time left in stint
  • When to pit
  • Chat to the driver during code 60’s
  • End of yellow flag / code 60
  • Dinner / breakfast / lunch is ready

Being able to provide / relay this information the team has invested heavily in car-to-pits radio equipment manufactured by MRTC (UK). Although cheaper kits were available, MRTC have an unrivalled reputation of quality, reliability and clear communications. The system enables Ian and the drivers to communicate clearly almost over the full length on the 5.5km Dubai Autodrome grand prix circuit.


The system has the added advantage of having a second channel that enables Ian and Richard to talk (useful when a cup of tea and food is needed on the pit wall: Ian) without disturbing the driver.

The team is more than happy with the MRTC equipment and looking to increase the teams communication equipment.