Car Set-up:         Car Weight

Most race series state either a minimum or maximum weight limit. In the case of the Creventic endurance series, they allow (in some of the classes) 2 different weight limits, with each weight limit permitting a different maximum fuel volume permitted at a pit stop. In the case of the class ZRT Motorsport race in (A2), the minimum weight is 980 kg which permits 100L of fuel per stop.

The heavier the car the more stress is placed on the driver, steering, brakes, suspension, tyres and a higher fuel consumption rate. Components will also wear out quicker. Thus, it is essential that we try and get the car weight down to as close as the minimum as possible.

The team have removed all superfluous tabs and brackets, replaced the glass side and rear windows with polycarbonate, carbon fibre seat etc but short of taking a 6” section out of the car, we cannot get close to the minimum weight limit (the old car weighed approximately 1,200kg).

Tech 10

The next stage is look at the front / rear weight balance.