Car Rebuild: Part 9

Below is a further update on the project. At this stage it looks like Saluki are only 4-days away from finishing which on reflection is a pretty fast build. 1-month from a dusty shell to a fully fabricated race car shell considering the quality and engineering thought process that was required for some components of the build is really impressive.

Although we posted this image of the rear air jack before, below is a much clearer picture showing precisely the welding and engineering quality.

Rebuild 34

Below is the final door bracing welding

Rebuild 35

Below is where Saluki have joined the front section of the roll cage to the front strut turret.

Rebuild 36

There is a second diagonal support which we posted previously.

Below is a reinforced plate which the K-tuned billet alloy gear shifter is bolted to. Captive nuts have already been welded to the underside of the plate so that the shifter is just bolted down.

Rebuild 37

Below is the reinforced plate which the air-jack sleeve will be welded to. The second pic is the sleeve before it is fixed in place. We’ll post a pic of the final installation once completed.

Rebuild 38

Rebuild 39

Below is the pedal box mounting plate. This again will have nuts welded to the underside and be recessed into the existing floor plate then welded all around resulting in a strong platform.

Rebuild 40

Comparison of the two soon to be one race cars.

Rebuild 41

And last up a huge thank you to Robbie of Saluki pictured below who is the head fabricator and has really taken a lot of care and attention for our little project. Later we will do a bio for the whole Saluki team involved but for now. Thanks Robbie, everyone loves the work and appreciates the efforts.

Rebuild 42

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