Car Rebuild: Part 8

Part 8

Well it seems we have a problem. Despite our best endeavours the Corbeau Revenge seat doesn’t fit.

So we thought about the various options, took some measurements and in the end decided to opt for the Corbeau Pro Series seat.

As you can see from the description we are clearly not the first people to enounter this problem.

To be honest there are two advantages with this seat type that actually benefit us:

1. Its easier to get in and out of the car during driver changes.
2. The driver has better peripheral vision. (Which is useful with a grid of 100-cars).

So we’ve placed our order with the MotorsportWheels team and eagerly await delivery.

The old seat will either become an office chair or if I have my way, I will use it to replace one of the hard plastic seats on the pit perch ?

Next up. Rear air jack and pedal box

Last time we had located the rear jack right at the back of the car boot floor. The reason was because of the location of the fuel cell but because we are able to locate the fuel cell on the back seat this time we are able to locate the air jack more centrally.

This means its positioned closer to the main structure of the roll cage and therefore should not cause any flex in the shell when operated. Below is the rear mounting point.

In the Honda DC5 the firewall is angled where it meets the floor (where the conventional pedals are located) so to fit a race type pedal box. We’ve ordered the following AP Racing pedal box from our friends at MotorsportWheels.…

In order to fit this pedal box the floor requires modification to be a flat floor. Saluki have ensured that the boxed out section is extremely strong so that there will be no flex in the floor which could impact the effectiveness of the brake pedal.

Fuel cell has been located as stated between the roll cage. This hopefully will enhance the cars balance and handling by centralising the weight and making it safer but locating the tank in what should be the safest part of the car.

We are very happy with the Engineering work carried out by Saluki Motorsport thus far and by working with some of the best people and businesses in Dubai we are confident the end product will be amazing.

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