Car Rebuild: Part 6

Part 6

Ok before we go on to the tank we’ll give an update as to where things are now.

Firstly the cage is pretty much complete with the exception of some final welds in certain places.

Door bars:

Roof section:

Seat rails in place:

Main cage X section completed.

One of the problems we had with the previous Custom cages design was the positioning of the 45-degree support bar at the door. Firstly this restricted the access and secondly it fouled our Corbeau seat to the point whereby we had to hack a section out of the centre tunnel, which in turn led us to moving the pedal box and eventually moving the steering column. (I did mention we were stubborn earlier in the thread!)

So this time no such mods required. Saluki were able to move the support back whilst still being fully compliant with the FIA (Appendix J) regulations. Should also mention that the CC previous cage was 45mm throughout whereas we are now using 38mm with the exception of the main roll bar and the bar above the screen.



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