Car Rebuild: Part 5

Part 5

So, something new to me (having never installed a cage before) is….. How do you weld the bits at the top of the roll cage which are tight to the underside of the roof? Many of you maybe saying… That’s easy dummy and so it is…. When you know how. I knew (well I did research for the update on our website on the roll cage) but others might not, so some may it interesting to learn how.

Actually there are two ways:
1.You cut the roof off, weld and refit the roof.
2.You fabricate up the cage in-situ by tack welding together, cut holes in the floor beside the vertical mounting points, remove the lateral supports and drop the cage 50-100mm through the floor, weld 360-degree’s around the tops of the cage connection points and then lift the cage back into place and make solid base mounting plates.

If you look at the mounting point in the below image, there is a pre-cut hole and the cage is tack welded in place. That will then be ground off to allow the cage to drop.

I’m not experienced in welding but when something looks right it probably is ?

The last thing to talk about today is the seat mounting points. We asked Saluki to make provision for driver and passenger seats because we may wish to take sponsors on taxi rides at the 24-Hrs event.

The seat bars are secured to the sills of the car and fitted as close to the floor as possible. We are using Corbeau Revenge seat supplied by Jon of MotorsportWheels, Dubai so the fixing points are set out to the Corbeau seat frames.

Next up is the 100L fuel cell and just how we are going to squeeze it between the ‘X’ bars of the cage.

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