Car Rebuild: Part 4

Next up is to replace the OEM dash bar with an 38mm CDS section which will become an integral part of the roll cage. In the photo below you can see where the strut bracing sections are located and also its clear that Saluki have removed all unnecessary sections of steel from the floor and bulkhead reducing as much weight as possible.

Rebuild 7

The cage will be built to the highest safety standards in accordance with the FIA regulations. With the cage partly mocked up and tacked into place the guys also start measuring precisely for the gusset reinforcement sections at the doors.

Rebuild 8

There will be 4 of these per door and the finished product looks like this:

Rebuild 9

The cage is almost finished and we will post a few pics over the weekend showing the welding quality and explain how the guys weld the tops of the cage (The parts almost touching the roof) which incidentally were not properly welded in our previous car but still passed FIA scrutineering ?

With cars in Dubai 24hr reaching almost 300kph (not ours) we have to put safety as the no. 1 priority and now that we have the chance and expertise to do it we won’t take any shortcuts with the build. ?

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