Car Rebuild: Part 3

In our old shell we started facing a problem of windscreens cracking on the lower left of the screen. For anyone who has watched our documentary on Emirates Airline you will remember all too well what a problem this caused in 2015. Again since then a further 2-screens cracked. In the end we were unable to define exactly the cause but we suspect it is due to a weakness in the front chassis.

To combat this in the future and to eliminate the need for a strut brace this time we have replicated the roll cage design of the BTCC Touring cars similar to that of Peter England’s ex-BTCC astra here in Dubai. So in the below image you can see that the turret is strengthened in 4-ways.

  1. Seam welding.
  2. Triangulated bracing to the roll cage lateral bar at the dash.
  3. Connection to the roll cage at the A-post. (Zoom in to see that one)
  4. Double plate strengthening of the strut mounting.

We have also allowed for the provision of castor adjustment in the strut plate.

Rebuild 6

Those with a keen eye will also notice that the holes in the bulkhead (previous pic) have all been closed up as they are not needed on the race car. Most probably they were for water hoses to the heater/a-c but because we already have a car to work from we know they are not required in the build. They are therefore closed for safety and rigidity.

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