Car Rebuild – Part 21

So I thought… do we do another update or do we just leave it and show a finished product in the New Year. On one hand I dont want to become like Project Binky dragging the thing out and on the other there are still a few interesting things going on before the lot gets covered up.

Firstly theres the matter of wiring. To be fair years ago I had a Honda civic racecar rewired and it was fantastic. The guy had a skill or a signature of basically hiding all the wires so that when you looked at the car it was like wifi. Wireless! This was fantastic right up until around the point the car wouldnt start because of a loose earth. Not a big issue apart from the fact we couldnt find the wire never mind the loose wire!

So, whats the point?

The point is wiring is a skill or maybe even an art! Especially when you have nothing to copy so below is an image of work in progress which I hope you can zoom into to fully appreciate how well thought out and amazingly neat the schematic is.

As the build continues it becomes more and more apparent that it is possible to dismantle the entire car with an allen key tool from IKEA which is slightly weird and somehow very cool.

Next is an image of our pedal box. To be honest we had one which was also AP Racing but it was a curse. In last years race it stuck half way on me and then after it was adjusted it stuck at say 5% throttle. Believe me there is nothing more frightening than driving a Dubai 24Hrs at night at 40kph and trying to get back to the pitts safely! Later in the race (19-Hrs later) It stuck in the wide open position and after a few seconds for whatever reason valves and pistons whilst uninvited joined together and spoiled the party!

So, having decided on a few choice words to describe the old pedal box we ordered a new one from our local friends MW (Motorsportwheels). So all was good. Nice new pedal box… the best part was that we also had nice new cyclinders from last year except! Our old pedal box was from a Nascar which was imperial whereas our new one was from UK and metric! Initially this looked like a problem (No idea why) but our Friends at MW came through and delivered 3 lovely new cyclinders for the box as you can see below.

Below are the rear brake internal lines. Again fitted with the infamous IKEA tool. Who needs Snap on eh!!

That pretty much concludes it for now. The car will be finished in a day or two (photos are a little bit behind the writing as such) so in the next update maybe we can show you the livery design and the team race suits. For now the last pic shows the other side of the car which also has the refuelling option. The doors are on the way but if you look closely you can see a pair of trainers on the floor. If you remember we talked about perfectionism! Well Julian doesnt let anyone in the car with shoes on…. might be a challenge for the drivers :)

Til next time, Seasons Greetings to all our petrolhead friends from all at ZRT