Car Rebuild: Part 11

When it rains it pours… Nothing for weeks and now two updates at once.

Next stop on our project was to hand the car over to Julian at A-Tech to do the build. The only exception is that our engine will be built by TGMsport in UK.

First task was to undertake a primer coat so that the shell is protected. This is only a temporary coat which will eventually be rubbed down before final priming and painting.

The primer coat was finished pretty quickly and back to A-Tech to plan what is going where.

On the downside the new primer highlighted all the damage caused to the shell by the shot blasting (particularly rear 3/4 panels and roof). On the bright side A-Tech have an excellent panel beater who will spend a day taking the worst out of it and the rest will be smoothed out with a light skim of filler in select places.

Its quite evident in the below photo on the rear panel:

The next update will be the strip down of the old car and some details of what new technology we intend to use in the new car.
Till then… Ciao