Car Rebuild – Part 17

Front & rear bumpers painted up nicely. Holes in the front are for bolting up to the flat floor. Holes in the rear is to allow airflow and prevent the parachute effect. Nice well thought out engineering from A-tech.

Our old dash has been cut up to remove the unnecessary underside and all old holes filled and finally covered in alacantara fabric. This will prevent glare (previously was carbon fibre). The big hole is for the cartek switch panel. We are still not sure what the smaller cut out is for! Maybe the alpine stereo system!!! Time will tell…

We bought a nice new radiator from our friends at Performance garage. Its actually EP3 but is the same as what we have so both will be modified to be idential.

Last up is the test fit of the engine & box to allow all the plumbing (water & oil), associated coolers and wiring looms to be finalised.