Car Build: Part 14

I think this will be the last update on the fabrication works as everything seems to be finished. A big thank you to Robbie and Mark at Saluki for the speedy, quality and efficient service. Its worth mentioning that they kept us updated at all times and they took a genuine interest in our project which is reflected in the quality of the Engineering.

So first up the seat rails were fully welded.

The lugs were also strengthened using fillet gusset pieces.

So with the seat positioned and fixed the pedal box reinforced floor plate was installed. Note the multiple holes are for flexibility in terms of the fitment position of the pedal box. They have been fitted with bolts to the underside so it is easy to install/remove/refit the pedal box.

Saluki then firmed up the steering column position and finalised the welding.

This then enabled the finalisation of the front CDS bar and the triangulated bars to the strut turrets.

Below is the bar which comes through the bulkhead and provides the lateral strength to the turret. You can see how tidy the hole has been closed.

Now the car is in the paint shop for bodywork. Initially it will be protected to prevent rusting of the welding then some bodywork to fix the panels which were damaged by sandblasting then, interior and underside painted then we will definitely start the mechanical works.