An Unexpected Bonus

One of the most critical components of the race car is the plumbed-in fire extinguisher. The extinguisher has nozzles in the engine bay and cockpit and will put out any small fires or dampen down any larger fires thus giving the driver time to extract himself from the car.


Each extinguisher has a validity period after which it must be checked by a certified company. The extinguisher in the car was due to re-certification and thus it was sent to the teams good friends MSW. Not only did they recertify the old extinguisher but they also gave the team a brand new one.


Now the team has dilemma,  do we fit the new extinguisher but accept it will get a little battered and bruised or do we fit the old re-certified and keep the new one “nice and shiny” as a spare?

A nice dilemma to have in the overall scheme of things but here’s hoping we don’t need to use either of them!!

The team wishes to thank Jon at MSW for his kind gesture and continued support.

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