2016 D24hr Race Diary: Monday 11th

Whilst Richard, Phil and Sander finished preparation on the car, Ian & Graham loaded up the teams Astro van with the catering and hospitality tents and headed up to the circuit. The garage allocated was next to a set of stairs and so the team were aiming to claim the space to spares under the stairs (thus giving more space in the garage) and park the Team Astro van at the back of the stairs.

Hospitality 2

We were one of the first teams to arrive and so quickly erected the catering and hospitality tents and parked the Astro van in the desired space. We agreed with the other teams sharing the garage that we would take the space nearest the pit lane. This location has the great advantage that the car would never be blocked when trying to get into or out of the garage.


The last task completed was to move all of the spares and equipment to the back of the cleaning bay at DAS ready for 8.00am loading time tomorrow.