2016 24h: Race Pictures


D4S_7931 D8E_2934 D8E_2451 D8E_1907 D8E_1809 D4S_9585 D4S_8369 D4S_8125 D4S_8065 D4S_8012 D4S_6961 D4S_6410 D4S_6210 D4S_6176 Car Garage 12552545_10156420026560641_4446999894268879101_n 12510263_1198753920154045_8946794057851255932_n 12471534_759741824158930_4327531280012714737_o


Damaged Wheel

And lastly the picture of the damaged wheel cause by the Porsche that hit Graham within the 1st 30 minutes of the race.

Pictures curtesy of David Benson, Rob Williams and everybody else who provided pictures.